Gardening made easy

Every year we waist millions and millions of tons of food. In Switzerland it's 2,8 million tons per year, which equals almost a kilo per person per day!! This is partly due to long and suboptimal transport. But mainly because we, you & me, buy way more food than we eat......... Growing your own vegetables is a great way to reduce food waste. 

Yes, I do hear you: Hé Émely,

- I don't have space for a vegetable garden,

- I have back problems or knee issues and can't work a vegetable garden, 

- I'd love home grown vegetables, but I really appreciate my spare time and don't want to spent every week night and weekend in the garden

- I haven't managed to keep any plant alive so far

Well yes, yes, yes, yes, valuable arguments. But now there is the Ultra Easy Urban Gardening-system:

* it only takes 5 minutes a day of your time

* without any physical hard labour,

* no bending or crawling

* possible as of 60x30 cm and

* developed for success!

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